Virtual Bank for Store Credit

Pabloo enables online retailers to issue store credit in a secure and convenient way

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what is a virtual bank

A Virtual Bank enables customers to earn and accumulate store credit within a brand, which can be redeemed at checkout. A Virtual Bank functions similarly to a traditional bank, but its services are limited to store credit rather than general-purpose banking.


Processing Fees

Online retailers incur higher processing fees primarily due to interchange fees. These fees are more substantial for online businesses due to higher incidence of returns and the nature of payment methods entered rather than swiped. 

The average return rate for goods purchased online is ~30%. That means a retailer making $5M GMV spends $105K on redundant processing fees for refunds + repurchases.

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When shopping online, customers are not able to physically examine the product before making a purchase, which increases the probability of returning the item. This phenomenon often leads to bracketing, where customers buy multiple sizes or colors of the same item and send back what they don't want. Read More

Refund Time

The delayed processing of refunds has raised concerns in customer satisfaction. Refunds often take an average of 5-7 days to complete due to the involved process. Additionally, a staggering 72% of customers churn after receiving a refund, indicating the impact of this issue on customer loyalty. Read More

Return Rate for Online Purchases






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Store credit for refunds

$0 Processing Fees

All transactions on the Virtual Bank incur $0 processing fees. This helps online retailers save significantly, cutting the refund costs by two-thirds. Over half of apparel returns are due to size issues. To address this, when a shopper reports an item as too small, they are offered store credit to repurchase the correct size promptly.

Customer satisfaction

Immediate Refunds

Customers should not have to wait 5-7 days for the refund to process. By opting for store credit, customers avoid the need for a cash exchange during the refund process. The refunded amount is directly added to their store credit balance, which can be conveniently accessed and used immediately or saved for future purchases.

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From refund to profit

Retained Revenue

Instead of receiving a cash refund, which can be spent anywhere, store credit ensures that the refunded amount is specifically used within the same store or group of affiliated stores.

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Skin in the game

Customer Loyalty

90% of retailers integrate a loyalty program to increase customer retention, but the churn is over 30% because loyalty points cannot be used on real orders.

Pabloo integrates with the top 5 loyalty programs, allowing shoppers to convert their loyalty points into store credit.

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Cart Abandonment

Promotional Codes

57% of customers would not have made a purchase if they had not received a discount or promotional code. Pabloo enables brands to create personalized promotional campaigns that can be customized and targeted to specific users or user groups based on unique attributes or characteristics.

Virtual Bank Benefits

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Brands boost traffic by including promotional codes in their marketing campaigns.

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Pabloo provides support for promotional codes, store credit, and discounted credit.

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$0 Fees

Brands eliminate all payment processing fees when using the Virtual Bank.

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Customers with a Virtual Bank are more receptive to marketing campaigns.

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Customers are rewarded for their engagement, specifically for referrals and purchases.

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Actionable Data

Brands can accurately forecast and control consumer spending with actionable data.

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The Pabloo Software Dev. Kit (SDK) can be deployed without writing any code.

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Customers are rewarded for their engagement, specifically for referrals and purchases.

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