A Virtual Bank for E-commerce

Pabloo is the first company to introduce Virtual Bank technology to e-commerce.

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what is a virtual bank

A Virtual Bank is a customer-oriented bank that enables customers to earn and accumulate coins within a brand, which can be redeemed at checkout.

Currency Retailing

Customers purchase coins at a discount and use them at checkout.

Shape Consumer Behavior

Customers earn coins as an incentive for referring, purchasing, reviewing, etc.

Store Credit & Promo Codes

Customers opt-in to receive in-store credit instead of a refund that takes 3-7 days to process.

Pabloo's Approach

Round up to $5

Pabloo integrates into the checkout system and enables customers to round up their purchase to the nearest $5, with the excess amount deposited into their Virtual Bank.

high-odds lottery

Everyone is a Champion

Unlike typical lotteries, with Pabloo we encourage high-odds.


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In-store credit vs refunds

Store Credit & Promo Codes

The Virtual Bank technology not only saves customers time by providing instant In-Store Credit instead of waiting 3-7 days for a refund, but also helps retain customers within the brand's ecosystem even after the refund.

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Currency retailing

Purchase & Earn

Allow customers to purchase your currency at any point in their loyalty lifecycle. Whether they’re stocking up for the future or topping up to reach an immediate reward, buying coins gives your customers more of what they want.

Shape Consumer Behavior

Virtual Banks allow you to incentivize KPI-focused actions in exchange for coins. Reward your customers for completing specific actions, such as making a purchase, referring a friend, submitting a review, and more.

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Virtual Bank Benefits

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Brands boost traffic by including promotional codes in their marketing campaigns.

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Pabloo provides support for promotional codes, in-store credit, and discounted coins.

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$0 Fees

Brands eliminate all payment processing fees when using the Virtual Bank.

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Customers with a Virtual Bank are more receptive to marketing campaigns.

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Customers are rewarded for their engagement, specifically for referrals and purchases.

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Actionable Data

Brands can accurately forecast and control consumer spending with actionable data.

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The Pabloo Software Dev. Kit (SDK) can be deployed without writing any code.

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Customers are rewarded for their engagement, specifically for referrals and purchases.

Versatile Software development kit

Effortlessly Incorporate the Pabloo SDK in Less Than 4 Minutes

Pabloo offers a user-friendly software development kit (SDK) that efficiently manages all necessary functions.




Virtual Bank Classic


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Unlimited actions

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Unlimited customers

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Unlimited duration

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Pabloo Dashboard

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24/7 support


Virtual Bank Plus

coming soon...

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Everything included in the Virtual Bank Classic

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Points can be used on real orders

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Customer LTV predictor

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The Pabloo Retention Tool